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It seems paradoxical that the recent resurfacing of Op and Kinetic Art has been labelled as “trendy”, considering that this connotation of being “fashion” was precisely the reason for its demise during the 60s . In the 60’s , as well as in the present, the contribution made by their precursors to contemporary aesthetics has not been fully appreciated.

Even though they were very popular and their commercial success was obvious, their work was disregarded by the critics and was never taken seriously.

It should also be noted that, contrary to Pop Art, these movements evolved within a very limited time span , given their very swift and momentary propagation, and then disappeared without leaving a trace.

However many contemporary artists have adopted a number of their initial technical references of space, form and even sound, and have thus enhanced even further the interaction between the observer and their work.

The conceptual “leitmotiv” of these three movements revolved around the linkage between art and popular culture.
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