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In the midst of the current international turmoil with its impact on the economy and the ensuing changes in the financial and trade sectors, the concept of “investment” is surrounded by an even greater margin of uncertainty. This is further enhanced if what can be considered an adequate “package” is a consequence of speculation in many aspects . At this time however, and for the purpose of this Newsletter, I wish to leave it aside, despite the fact that many insist on the link existing between both , and I would like to , once again, define my approach.

Art is a powerful source of creativity, of intellectual and emotional incentive. It can be summarized as saying that it is an alternative, a refuge from every day concerns and throughout all times, a reflexion of society in may aspects. At present, in a globilized world ,it is the product of a combination of cultures, interpretations and contexts.

The artist, main character , generates proposals and changes, through creating and experimenting. The artist’s work touches several levels and fibers of sensitivity. Therefore, even though the produced works of art may be short lived, they should endure .

The curator, or comissary (overextended concept these days) is the presenter in charge of exhibiting the work of artists either as a stand alone or a group, contributing a novel approach that will allow different aspects to engage the spectator interest and create a refreshing connection between both. Thus, exhibits with complicated texts and fancy titles do not necessarily provide for real meaning and content.

The Gallery or the artista’s rep. should provide support t to the artist, by acting as a manager and promoter of the exhibition, achieving recognition for the real value of the artist’ work and effort and being the primary mediator between the studio and the public.

The Museum, the public Institution in general or the “Biennale” is the instance where the greater convergence between the work and the public takes place. It stages the real achievement, an often is the trigger for the launching of a successful career.

Bearing these parameters in mind, I would like to share the impressions I gathered during a recent trip:

Basquiat en la Fundación Beyerler. Siguiendo con su impecable reputación y tradición, pocas instituciones y retrospectivas de un artista logran potencializar a tal nivel su obra.

Matthew Barney en Schaulager, “Drawing Restraint” como esquema expositivo fascinante. Una serie de videos en diálogo con obras y grabados De Maestros Clásicos: Cranach, Baldung.

Gabriel Orozco en el Kunstmuseum Basel.

By Iris Ramler

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