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Iris Ramler

It is quite ironic that a large number of bilateral agreements on free trade, cultural and scientific exchanges that have been carefully crafted over decades could be eliminated by the stroke of a pen as it seems could be about to happen. It is obvious that not all economic sectors can benefit in an overall sense from such agreements. As a matter of fact, TLC does not quite stand for “Tender, Loving Care”. It is true that since their adoption until now, it has been possible to detect problems and weaknesses that require revisions and corrections for more fruitful results.

The Information Technology Revolution is playing a key role in the interdependency of countries and cultures. It is tightening links between the markets, social and ethnic groups in a continuous transformation of individual identities.

This dynamic process has reached a point of no return. Cultures today are a combination of influences modulated by political and historical events. They cannot be isolated as some leaders pretend to do in their total denial to accept changes. Such attitude has only generated anger. The consequences of which are unforeseeable even though we have already witnessed negative manifestations.
Only a change of attitude towards mass migrations and their cultures seen from an enriching outlook instead of total rejection, can achieve a leap towards a better future. A future in which all artistic manifestations have a fundamental role to play.

Técnica: Baldosas de ceramica Tamaño: 139,50 x 77,50 cm
      By Iris Ramler  
  FEATURED ARTIST       Un MAMBO vital y renovado inaugura:


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